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The Smoothie Factory application process involves successfully completing the following ten steps:

Step One
Complete the Short Online Application.
Step Two
You will receive an email from our development team with the Smoothie Factory Profile Document, Key Terms for your selected market, and a link to complete your online application.
Step Three
We receive your application.
Step Four
We contact you for an initial phone conference.
Step Five
If successful, we issue a Market Survey Form.
Step Six
If the information on the Market Survey Form supports the success of the development of Smoothie Factory within your selected market, we provide you a draft copy of the Master Franchise Agreement.
Step Seven
We then issue you with our Letter of Intent which expresses our mutual desire to continue the due diligence process and holds your selected market for a period of 45 days.
Step Eight
We will invite you to our Corporate Offices located in Dallas, Texas, USA to meet face to face for a two-day Discovery Day Visit.
Step Nine
Sign your Master Franchise Agreement.
Step Ten
Work together to begin development of Smoothie Factory in your selected market!